Emergency Dentist Buckhannon, WV

Accidents happen all the time. Even with preparation, you can’t avoid random chance. When accidents involve your teeth, you need to get to the dentist quickly. Depending on your emergency, we can improve your chances of further damage. At Conde Family Dental, our team has the experience to help you when you need it most. From unexpected injuries to terrible toothaches, we can handle whatever dental issues life throws your way. Our hope is to treat your dental emergency while also helping you feel safe and confident about your care. 

Emergency Dentistry in Buckhannon, WV

Emergency Dentistry in Buckhannon, WV

Most emergencies can be stressful and scary. However, emergencies that involve our smiles might cause panic. We know how important your smile is to your life and well-being. With Dr. Margaret Conde, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. She is experienced in treating a wide range of dental emergencies. If you call Dr. Conde for a dental emergency, you can trust that she will handle your situation quickly and efficiently. During an emergency, we understand your state of mind and sense of urgency. This is why we will prioritize your care and get you back to smiling as soon as possible. 

What Emergencies Do We Treat?

For the most part, Dr. Conde and her team can handle just about any dental emergency you may encounter. However, understanding what is a dental emergency can help you know when you seek medical care. With most dental emergencies, the faster you can get to the dentist, the better your results will be. 

Toothache: If you have a sudden and severe tootachhe, you need to give us a call. Pain is an indicator that something is wrong. Plus, you shouldn’t have to deal with pain. A toothache can mean that you have an infection, a cracked or broken tooth, or another issue. 

Knocked-Out Tooth: One of the more alarming dental emergencies might be a tooth knocked out of its socket. In this situation, time is critical. You have a small window of time to save your tooth. If possible, try to gently rinse the tooth a put it back in its socket. Otherwise, you can safely place the tooth between your gums and cheek or in a cup of milk. Then, get to our office as quickly as possible.

Lost Filling or Crown: When you get a restoration, you may not expect it to come out of your mouth. Yet, it is possible. If this happens, your tooth is vulnerable to bacteria or further damage. When you come into the office, we will replace your restoration. 

What to Expect

When you get to our office during an emergency, we will first try to relieve any pain you have. Next, we will examine the extent of the issue with digital x-rays to figure out our next steps. Depending on your problem, we may perform any number of treatments, including dental fillings, root canal therapy, tooth extraction, etc. Throughout your visit, Dr. Conde will make sure that you have all the information you need to stay comfortable and informed.